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Planet Shelby Cobra

Planet Shelby Cobra REPORTS

Owning a genuine Shelby GT350 or GT500 is a wonderful privilege in a word filled with fakes, replicas and poseurs. While being copied may be the sincerest form of flattery, no one want to find out they bought a copy when they paid for the genuine article.

A Planet Shelby Cobra Report can set your mind at ease. It is a comprehensive review that will prove the GT500 or GT350 you own - or want to own - is truly an authentic Shelby. Or steer you away from making a bad, costly decision. This ensures both buyers and sellers get the best market value sale or purchase for their Shelby Mustang, while maintaining a level of transparency that makes car collecting better for everyone.

What does the Planet Shelby Cobra Report include? The facts, and just the facts. Every facet of the Shelby GT350 or GT500 is studied, verified and documented. Stephen Becker has one of the world’s most extensive libraries of Shelby records. He taps those, along with a lifetime of experience with these cars, to;

  • Verify the authenticity
  • Document the car’s history
  • Review current equipment versus the original build
  • Match the drivetrain to the chassis
  • Analyze components to verify if they are original, NOS replacements or knock-offs
  • Compare the reported mileage to available records
  • Report on the drivability of the Shelby
  • Provide an accurate appraisal value based on private sales and recent auctions (this figure can also be used for insurance submission)
  • Suggest parts replacement or repairs, estimated costs and potential shops to complete the work
  • Enter the car into the official Shelby Registry
  • Provide an accurate description that can be forwarded to any of the major auction houses in their preferred format

Due to the prolific counterfeiting of Shelby Mustangs, all inspections must be completed in person by Stephen Becker. Vehicles to be inspected may be shipped to Planet Shelby Cobra in Swanee, Georgia, or travel arrangements can be made for Stephen Becker to make a personal, on-site visit. How trusted is Stephen? Shelby American is among the clients that have asked him to verify and appraise cars.